Buena Vista Social Club - Silencio (HQ)

Out of Wim Winders documentary "Buena Vista Social Club". A view into the resurection of old forgotten amazing cuban musicians from the 30's 40's and 50's. Most of them found randomly through the streets of Havana.

This Bolero called "Silencio" was composed by Puerto Rico's Rafafel Fernandez and features vocals by Ibrahim Ferrer and Omara Portuondo. Wim Wenders filmed the recording session in Havana as well as the performance of the song in Amsterdam. As the camera dissolves seamlessly from studio to performance, we see Ibrahim Ferrer wiping a tear off Omara Portuondo's cheek, the most beautiful moment of the film, crystallizing the tragic beauty, not just of the this bolero, but also of the story behind The Buena Vista Social Club.

As Omara Portuondo recalls "Ibrahim asked me to sing Silencio with him, and for me that was the highlight. It made me feel so happy to see him singing, and to see how he was moved. We had [sung] together many times in the past, and to find ourselves together again was a big thing. It was impossible to keep back the tears, and when Ibrahim got out his handkerchief, at that moment we looked at each other, and I can't describe what we felt. That was a magical moment. Everyone knows it. It was pure poetry, something spontaneous and natural. Unforgettable!"

Lyrics included on the video (the portuguese ones came with the original take)"

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